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Sustainable Earth Stewardship

Our OORAY fruit are grown under the philosophy of Sustainable Earth Stewardship.

This philosophy incorporates a number of interrelated Earth management processes and systems which we believe produces a superior quality fruit and at the same time improves the natural environment in which the fruit grow.

Our OORAY fruit are not sprayed with pesticides or insecticides.

The skin of the OORAY fruit is covered by a layer of fine golden hairs that naturally protect the fruit from the attack of fruit fly and other damaging insects. There is therefore no need to use any pesticides at all.

This is one of the many characteristics of the OORAY (Davidsonia pruriens) that distinguishes it from the fruit fly prone Davidsonia jerseyana which is grown in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Our OORAY fruit are grown without the addition of fertilisers.

The OORAY trees take up only nutrients that are supplied from the natural decay of plant material from surrounding vegetation and the natural recycling processes that exist in topical rainforests.

Our OORAY fruit are grown without irrigation.

Our trees are not irrigated with water. The OORAY fruit grow and develop using only the water supplied by natural rainfall. The fruit cells are not swollen and damaged with water that is force-fed to balance the salts absorbed by the use of fertilisers.

Our OORAY trees are not arranged in the typical orchard pattern.

Our trees are integrated throughout existing vegetation consisting of original rainforest, rainforest re-growth, cabinet timber plantings and  other endemic and exotic fruit trees.